Our Team

Each founder member has a group board role and also heads up a specific division.

  • Headshot of Paul Grimes, Group CEO.

    Paul Grimes

    Group CEO

    Paul is responsible for operations and also heads up trading, procurement and supply chain.

  • Headshot of Mike Masters, Group Chairman.

    Mike Masters

    Group Chairman

    Mike is responsible for overall strategy and governance, and heads up management consultancy services.

  • Headshot of Conor Ward, Group NB Director.

    Conor Ward

    Group NB Director

    Conor is head of sales and marketing and leads the facilities management team.

  • Headshot of Graham Edwards, Associate Partner.

    Graham Edwards

    Associate Partner

    Graham has extensive experience in finance, operations, internal change management and corporate governance.

  • Headshot of Tom Welsh, Associate Partner.

    Tom Welsh

    Associate Partner

    Tom has 35+ years in the food service / hospitality industry including restaurants / bars, hotels and contract foodservice environments.

  • Headshot of Mairi McKerr, Associate Partner.

    Mairi McKerr

    Associate Partner

    Mairi has 25 years’ global experience leading large transformation projects in banking, and consulting in change management and employee engagement.

  • Headshot of Steve Ashby, Associate Partner.

    Steve Ashby

    Associate Partner

    Steve has 30+ years’ experience in international HR and change management roles, consulting on strategy and execution in facilities management and distribution environments.

NB detailed CVs will be provided at first engagement.

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