Management Consultancy

We are a management consultancy and investment company operating globally.

Our international clients operate in many diverse sectors including Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, Catering, Healthcare, Defence, Extractive Industries, Transport and Construction, to name a few. Lodestar supports our clients by focusing on the procurement and distribution of goods, including food and non-food, as well as on facilities management services and processes in both remote and urban environments.

We bring unique, flexible and bespoke solutions to your business. For example, that could be by working with your business to develop a procurement plan, which would not cost anything unless we deliver savings to you, or we can work with you on a traditional fixed price arrangement.

Management reports

Our facilities management division can review and analyse your operations from A to Z, identify areas for improvement and implement processes to drive through those improvements. We can also manage your bidding process to help you win and secure new business. This service can be provided to you remotely or as an embed into your existing business development structure.

Our general management consultancy can create and run your Mergers and Acquisition strategy and delivery. M&A transactions are generally complex, specialised and time critical. Lodestar has the necessary skills, acumen and access to resources to successfully overcome these challenges. We can provide further services to our clients in management restructuring, trouble shooting, non-executive director services and more.

Financial reports

Areas of expertise

Below are a list of areas we offer our expertise in. If you would like to discuss any of these with us, please contact us.

A better way to send money.

Procurement & Supply

Procurement isn't just about buying, it's about creating value.

Remote Site Facilities Management (Camp Services)

By leveraging our diverse experience and expertise we offer our clients consultancy and management advisory services across the full range of remote accommodation camp disciplines from construction through to facilities management.

Warehousing & Logistics

We have a broad range of experience when it comes to designing, implementing and negotiating warehousing and logistics solutions.

Urban Facilities Management

We draw upon the vast experience and expertise of our core team and associate partners to offer consultancy and advisory services to our clients in residential, retail, industrial, healthcare, and commercial sectors.


We have a global network of proven, accredited suppliers which we can introduce to your supply chain, or we can make you offers ourselves. We have decades of international trading experience for you to benefit from.

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