We have a global network of proven, accredited suppliers which we can introduce to your supply chain, or we can make you offers ourselves. We have decades of international trading experience for you to benefit from.

Below are some specific elements for you to consider.

  • Trading Department Management - Covering commodities and non-commodity products from pallet to container loads on a global basis.
  • Trading Sectors - Serving wholesale, manufacturers, hospitality groups and retail customers.
  • Specialist Sectors - Movement of stock from overstocking, short shelf life and specialised requirements i.e.COVID19 etc
  • Documentation Management - Documentation management for products from source to customer in all areas from conflict zones to high street markets.
  • Import/Export Benefits Expertise - Identify customer benefits of working with specific countries that offer export and import benefits as well as licenses and any duties that may apply.
  • Category Database - Category database for all food and non-food distributors, importers, and exporters.
  • One-Stop-Shop - Database of supply partners for consolidation of a wide range of products with benefits stock holding, cash flow and waste.
  • Packaging / Repackaging - Working with fit for purpose packaging companies to meet customer needs and terms.
  • Currency Trading - Working closely with reputable exchange companies to ensure best daily shipping rates possible.
  • Quality Control - Implementation of seed to plate quality control levels for full safety security, traceability and due diligence.

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